Commercial Service

Building Additions and Remodeling
It’s easy to get lost in the dreams of your new building and forget about the logistics… like utilities. While looking over your blueprints, talk with our certified electrician about the placement of outlets, lights, breakers etc.

Parking Lot Light Installation & Maintenance
Many of our clients own large parking lots that require massive lighting poles. We can install and maintain your outdoor poles, and make sure you have plenty of lights to keep your property secure day and night.

Generator Stand by Systems
When times are good businesses often over look planning for a rainy day, but when the power goes out will your company keep running? Generators with standby power, supply electricity during an outage to keep businesses secure and working.

TVSS & Surge Protection Systems
Lightening is the most common form of a Transient Voltage Surge. However, a surge can come from your own equipment, and it only takes one to permanently damage sensitive electronics. A Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) protects your equipment from an unexpected power spike.

Landscape Lighting
Whether you want to light a walking path for your customers or help your building stand-out at night, we can assist you in selecting and designing the perfect lighting plan for your property.

Meter Panel Upgrades
We can replace old or broken Electric Meters or relocate an existing meter to your preferred location.

Breaker or Fuse Replacement
The breaker box in a commercial building is far more intricate than the one in your home, and your home breaker box is confusing enough! We replace blown fuses and breakers or relocate an existing box so you don’t have to.

Building Rewiring
We guide you through the process of rewiring your office from planning to completion while being occupied.

Sign Service & Repair
That beautiful business sign is a beacon to let customers know where you are. Every second a bulb is burned out you may lose a potential visitor. We install and service all your signage needs.

Protective Plugs for Outdoors/Indoors
We can place protective covering on outdoor and indoor plugs to ensure safety.

Touch Panel Relay Systems
This lighting control panel is key for any DJ or night club wanting a simple way to create dramatic lighting effects. There are options for flash and hold lighting modes as well as audio and speed chase functions. We can install and help you implement all the latest systems.

Single phase120/240,120/208, 3 phase High Volt Service Installation and Repair
The 3-phase power generation is the most commonly used method for transferring power by grids worldwide. Although commonly used, these systems are complex and require experience with alternating power. Consult with one of our trained technicians to help with your installation or repair needs.

Emergency Temporary Installations
If a power outage strikes, call us for temporary solutions to keep your business up and running.

Code/Safety Electrical Inspections
It is important for the safety of everyone to keep buildings up to code, and to periodically inspect for potential electrical problems. Commercial properties should have a routine exam by a trained electrical technician to guarantee codes are met and understood. We can walk you through the inspection process and explain the rules.

Electrical Occupancy
Occupancy sensors use Infrared technology to detect motion in a room and respond by turning on the lights. Not only is this a great energy and money saving tool, but also an important safety asset for any building.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Did you know that energy-efficient lighting uses up to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent lighting, yet provides the same amount of light?

Reduce your monthly energy bill
Control energy demand
Protect the environment
Promote economic development in Ohio
Outfit your business with the newest energy efficient lighting technologies
For quick and convenient energy efficient commercial lighting and industrial lighting installation, or to receive your FREE on-site energy audit please contact the professionals at IES of Dayton.